Virgil Town Hall

One of the fastest growing Townships in Cortland County

Town of Virgil

Virgil, New York 13045.

Our American culture got its start in places like Virgil, New York.  The qualities of our early settlers can still be seen in the people who live here today.  Their pioneer spirit, civic mindedness and friendly hospitality live on it today's Virgil residents.  The Town of Virgil was established as part of the Military Tract in Central New York State which were granted to the Revolutionary War soldiers as payment for their services.  The Town was named by officials in Albany in honor of the Roman poet.  Virgil was first settled in 1792 and soon was connected by roads to neighboring communities.  Farming and related industries were the main occupations of the early settlers.  Until very recently,  farming was the predominant industry in the area.  The beauty of our township, with its rolling hills and gorgeous views, is due in large part to the local farmers' stewardship of the land for over 200 years.  More information on Virgil's early years can be found in the publication titled "As We Were, a Picture History of Virgil"  complied by the Virgil Historical Society in 1979.  It is available for a small fee from the Virgil Town Clerk.

Town Clerk:

Alane Van Donsel

1176 Church Street

Virgil, NY 13045

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    One of the fastest Growing

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